Teacher Training Workshops
Presenter: Berty Segal Cook

I, Berty Segal Cook, am giving a limited number of workshops.

I highly recommend JASON FRITZE as a masterful teacher trainer, presenter and conductor of workshops. See his website at homepage.mac.com/jasonfritze/Menu1.html. You can email him at jasonfritze@mac.com.

Teacher Training Workshops

Presenter: Berty Segal Cook


September 22, 2011- TPR: Engaging Multiple Intelligences in Teaching Pre- school ELL Students
Poudre School District-Early Childhood Program--Fort Collins,Colorado..
Contact  Sabrina Bailey-- Phone: 1-970-490-3119


March 13-17, 2012-- What Works and What doesn't? ( 1 hour presentation)
Travecca College, Nashville Tennessee
Contact - TNTESOL

April 16 and 17, 2012--TPR: Linking Brain Research to ESL and Foreign Language Teaching
Universidad Nacional del Oeste, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Contact  Patricia Verano-- pverano@yahoo.com

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